The Great Rotary Hot Hot Hot Chili Pepper Challenge

Mission San Jose Rotary is one of seven local Rotary clubs in the Tri Valley Area.

They have selected the Niles Canyon Railway as a Participating Recipient for proceeds from the 2019 Great Rotary Hot Hot Hot Chili Pepper Challenge.

Created by the Rotary Clubs of Fremont, Newark, and Union City, the Chili Pepper Challenge is a fundraising campaign created to benefit local and international Rotary service projects. You can support this initiative with a direct donation or by taking up the challenge and helping to raise funds for a great cause. The challenge takes place at an internet connection near you! Reach us by email at

Make a Donation

All donations are greatly appreciated. Proceeds from this fundraiser support Rotary Club local and international projects. Sponsored by the Rotary Clubs in Fremont, Newark, and Union City, CA. Thank you for your generous gift!

Get Ready to Challenge

Select one chili pepper – as hot as you can stand it! Take a bite. Repeat until gone. Capture the entire process on video, using your own words to describe the experience. Name at least two friends and challenge them to do the same.

Challenge Your Friends

Post the the video on all of your social media accounts. Tag the friends you’ve challenged. In the text of the post, add the hashtag #chilipeppers4charity and a link to this website so your friends can make their donation.


Designate Niles Canyon Railway

The Hot Chili Pepper Challenge will match your donation two-to-one when you designate a charity!

Click the Donate button above and make your payment by credit card. Enter the amount of your sponsorship and contact information.

Mail a check payable to the Niles Rotary Foundation to Chili Pepper Challenge, c/o DRYCO, 42745 Boscell Rd., Fremont, CA 94538.