Southern Pacific #5472

Technical Data

Builder GM EMD, La Grange, IL
Number 21297
Date 1956
Type SD9
Wheel Arrangement C-C
Power Diesel-Electric
Gross Weight 180 tons
Horsepower 1750


  • 1956, built new as Southern Pacific Railroad No. 5472;
  • 1965, renumbered SP No. 3946
  • 1968 (April), leased to Northwestern Pacific
  • 1970 (October) returned to SP service
  • 1977 (May), General Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, Sacramento, CA; renumbered SP No. 4423
  • 1993, purchased by Omnitrax, Loveland, CO
  • 2003, purchased by PLA
  • 2004, Restored to original SP Black Widow paint scheme and number
  • 2005 (January), in service, Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CA
Pulling a train along our Niles Canyon Railway

View the interior of the #5472 in 360° VR

Jump into the cab of SP #5472 in this 360 degree image and take a look around as if you were the engineer! Click the VR logo on the bottom right to take the 360 image to full screen for an even closer look. 360 image by Chris Hauf – Used with permission.

Visit the #5472 on its project website

#5472 – Powering our Train of Lights

#5472 sits in Niles yard at the head of our 2021 Train of Lights. The big engine is ideal for pulling the heavy train upgrade from Niles to Sunol. Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission.
Reflecting on departure in Niles yard. Train of Lights 2021. Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission.
With the setting sun in the background, SP #5472 rolls the Train of Lights along Highway 84 just west of our Sunol Depot. Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission.