M200 Railbus

The M200 waits passengers at our Sunol station

Have a small group that you would like to take out on the railroad for your very own charter? From business outings to team building to birthday parties, this is a great way to have your own private railroad experience.

The M200 can be rented for a 2 hour round trip from our Sunol Depot for a flat fee of $720.00 for up to 36 passengers, (sorry no more can be seated).  There is a small table on board for food and beverages or you can use the picnic tables at the Sunol Depot Gardens across the street from the Depot for refreshments before and/or after your ride.  There is also a small toilet on board if needed while the train is underway. Please contact our Charter Agent, Jim Evans, at for reservations or for more information.  

The interior of the M200 looking from the rear forward of the passenger cabin.
The M200 out on our Niles Canyon Railway!

Train – Different configurations available

Typical excursion train with a mix of open cars, a closed coach, and a concession/bathroom car on an evening run.

For those truly special occasions, charter the whole train!

Enjoy the scenic Niles Canyon from open and covered viewing cars and a fully-enclosed coach pulled by a classic locomotive. Bring your own food and beverages on board, or enjoy a public picnic area near the station. Our friendly and helpful train crew will do everything possible to see that you and your guests experience train travel from a bygone era.


The Niles Canyon Railway is operated by volunteers so our ability to run train charters is directly related to the availability of qualified train crews to staff the charter trains.

Mid-week evenings and selected mid-week afternoon departures have the best availability for charters that can provide a unique setting for off-site business or smaller group meetings.


Train charters are not available October to January.  Our dedicated volunteers and historic equipment have limitations.  All of our efforts are needed to prepare and staff the annual holiday fund-raising event, Train of Lights.  

  • Operated when equipment and crews are available.
  • No charters before 5:00 PM on Saturdays.
  • Charters not available on regular scheduled Sunday operating days.
  • All charters are for two hours and consist of a 2 hour round trip train ride departing from either Fremont/Niles Station or Sunol Depot.

Car Capacities

The Niles Canyon Railway can offer a variety of historical railway cars for charters. Please see description of equipment below.


  • Mechanical lifts are available at stations to provide wheelchair access to the train.
  • Additional cars with a capacity of 50 riders each may be added (for an extra fee) to reach a maximum capacity of 250 passengers per train.
  • For special services or more passengers, contact us.

Charter Rates

  • Up to 100 people = $3000
  • 100 – 250 people = $3500
  • Steam Powered Charter (When available) $4500


The Niles Canyon Railway does partner with Casa Bella Event Center in Sunol to offer chartered train rides as part of their event hosting offerings. They are located right across the street from our Sunol station so it is possible to walk from one venue to another. Please visit their website to learn more.

It is possible to charter your very own steam powered train for a special or corporate event.
Image by Chris Hauf – Used with permission