Western Pacific #713

Technical Data

Builder GM EMD, La Grange, IL
Number 18169
Date April 1953
Type GP7
Wheel Arrangement B-B
Power Diesel-Electric
Gross Weight 123 tons
Horsepower 1500


  • Built new as Western Pacific Railroad No. 713 (Dual-control cab)
  • Retired January 1983, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Donated to the PLA by the Western Pacific, January 1984
  • Repainted in 2017 by PLA/NCRy in NCRy car shop.
  • Received new main generator by PLA/NCRy 2019-2020.
  • In service, Niles Canyon Railway, Sunol, CA

WP #713 in its original, as received paint job on our Niles Canyon Railway in Brightside yard.
Photo by Chris Hauf – Used with permission
#713 after its complete repaint by the Niles Canyon Railway into the same Western Pacific scheme it worn in service and when received into preservation. Seen here in Sunol after the engine was also turned on the Niles wye. Photo by: Chris Hauf – Used with permission.

Take a 360 degree virtual tour of #713’s cab including its dual engineer control stands. Most diesel locomotives typically only have one control stand. #713 was built with two to allow the engineer to operate from either one. Click the VR logo to take the 360 panorama to full screen to explore even more. 360 photo by Chris Hauf – Used with permission

#713 on the point of our 2022 Train of Lights as it sits in Niles awaiting departure.
Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission.
#713 at Sunol station – Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission
#713 was featured in our 2023 Season Starter video
#713 being lettered by our painting contractor in our car shop in 2017. He is placing fine line tape over dry erase marker tracings of the original letters he put on to the fresh paint.
Photo courtesy of Christopher Hauf – Used with permission