Denver & Rio Grande Western #39210

Stock car    Built by D&RGW, 1944, Type SN

Commodity Livestock, SU, dbl deck, recessed Murphy ends from 63500 series boxcars, Duryea roof

Outside Box Length 37’ (with Couplers 42’), Width 10’6” and Height 13’4” (Top of Rail to Top of Cat Walk). 22” From Top of Rail to Step.

History:    Built 1944 by Denver & Rio Grande Western.  Retired in 1977.  Preserved at Sonoma Valley Historical Society Depot Museum in Sonoma, CA.   Deemed surplus by Sonoma in 2020.  Accepted as donation by PLA/NCRy.   Moved to Niles Canyon November 2020.  Restoration to demo freight train service planned, Brightside, CA

Loading the #39210 in Sonoma for transport to our Brightside yard – 11/5/2020
Photos by: Henry Baum