McCloud River Railroad #1711

Pullman, 1914, converted to Fire Water Car, 1941
40’ Steel, Rivited, 6000 gallon / Fire Water / 45 ton capacity / (40,000 lbs. estimated)
History: Built new as McCloud River Railroad outside framed boxcar #3029. The railroad converted the car to log flatcar #2325 in 1938. In July 1941, the McCloud Shops added a tank and fire pump to make fire car #1711. PLA purchased the car from the McCloud Railroad in 2012. Car was trucked from McCloud to Brightside on August 10, 2012. Car currently under restoration as a water car to support the steam program.

Tank McCloud River RR, July 1941

40′, Steel, 6000 gallon / with platform(Weight unknown)