McCloud River Railroad #1711

Pullman, 1914, converted to Fire Water Car, 1941
40’ Steel, Rivited, 6000 gallon / Fire Water / 45 ton capacity / (40,000 lbs. estimated)
History: Built new as McCloud River Railroad outside framed boxcar #3029. The railroad converted the car to log flatcar #2325 in 1938. In July 1941, the McCloud Shops added a tank and fire pump to make fire car #1711. PLA purchased the car from the McCloud Railroad in 2012. Car was trucked from McCloud to Brightside on August 10, 2012. Car was restored in 2014 to its livery as worn on the McCloud and outfitted as a water car to support the steam program.

Tank McCloud River RR, July 1941

40′, Steel, 6000 gallon / with platform(Weight unknown)

View some restoration photos on the NCRy Steam website here.

View some historic photos on the NCRY Steam website here.