Pacific Fruit Express #10591

Refrigerator     PFE Colton Shops, 1957, PFE Class R-40-27

40’ Steel, Combination door (4’ plug, 2’hinged), Ice Refrigerator Car

80,000 lb. capacity 

History:    Pacific Fruit Express (PFE) #10591; Second to last class of Ice Refrigerator Cars (R-40-28, last class of ice cars also built in 1957).  Donated by PFE to CSRM, 11/1978; Donated to by CSRM to PLA and moved to Niles Canyon 2008.  Operational, Brightside, CA

Inside the car. It’s number. An inspection ticket from 3/10/78 from the USDA and State of Idaho as an inspection for a load of Onion and some other graffiti on the interior walls.
Photo by: Christopher Hauf – Used with permission