Sacramento Northern #2302

SN 2302  Box    Mount Vernon Car Manufacturing Company, 1918

40′ / Wood, inside braced, single door, 100,000 lb. capacity/ (Weight unknown)

History:    Built new for the Western Pacific (WP) #(unknown).  Renumbered WP #318487 (number is still on frame) during the 1930’s; Sold to WP subsidiary Sacramento Northern Railway (SN) #2302, 1947; Reassigned to company service and renumbered (SN) MW 02302 in June 1964 (no evidence of MW number existed on the car); Retired and sold to Tracy Railcar 1974.  Resold to a shopping development in Alameda known as “The Factory” for use as a boutique circa 1974/75; Purchased (also rumored to have been won in a poker game) approximately 1979 by private owner and moved to Berkley Hills and used as a shed; Acquired by PLA, 1994; Stored waiting restoration to service, Brightside, CA