Southern Pacific #100752

SP 100752      Box     Pullman 1948, SP Class B-50-27

40’ / Steel, single door, 100,000 lb. capacity / (44,400 lb.)

History:    Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) #100752; Southern Pacific (SP) #MW6924; Southern Pacific (SP) #MW6019; Donated by Union Pacific, June 1997; Moved to Niles Canyon in big move of Jan 8, 2005.  Mechanically inspected/repaired and repainted January, 2010 and then reapinted again in January 2020 including prototypical lettering.   This car is used in photo freight service for the museum when needed.

SP #100752 crosses Farwell bridge in a photo freight which featured both our Clover Valley Lumber Co. #4 (seen here) and ‘Skookum’ #7. 02.08.2020