Burro Crane

NCRY MW    Crane    Cullen-Friestedt Company, (date unknown), Burro Model 40

Diesel-electric, self-propelled

History:     Progress Rail; Acquired by PLA, 5/2005; In service, Brightside, CA

The Burro shoves our ex-US Military flat car on 2/6/2021. The crane at this point has just received s rebuilt motor and was under going testing after the engine swap. Photo by: C.R. Hauf – Used with permission
The Burro crane loads track panels east of Verona Rd. for movement to the end of track. 02.21.2021 Photo by: C.R. Hauf – Used with permission.
NCRy blog post highlighting the use of the Burro crane to move track panels with steam engine #3.
The Burro providing motive power to our Heavy Hauler with our tracked GradAll doing some culvert restoration in early 2023 after heavy winter rains resulting in mudslides on the hillsides along the railroad. 2/12/2023
Photo by C.R. Hauf – Used with permission