Burro Crane

NCRY MW    Crane    Cullen-Friestedt Company, (date unknown), Burro Model 40

Diesel-electric, self-propelled

History:     Progress Rail; Acquired by PLA, 5/2005; In service, Brightside, CA

The Burro shoves our ex-US Military flat car on 2/6/2021. The crane at this point has just received s rebuilt motor and was under going testing after the engine swap. Photo by: C.R. Hauf – Used with permission
The Burro crane loads track panels east of Verona Rd. for movement to the end of track. 02.21.2021 Photo by: C.R. Hauf – Used with permission.
NCRy blog post highlighting the use of the Burro crane to move track panels with steam engine #3.