Niles Canyon Railway #3380

Technical Data

Builder Brightside Shops
Date 2003
Length 50′
Acquired 1995


This car was rebuilt from a flat car into an open observation car giving excellent views of the Niles Canyon railroad to our passengers. 

History: Greenville Steel Car Co. flat car, February 1953, Model #00-589 for the United States Navy (USN) #61-03380; Oakland Terminal Railway (Temporary) (OTR) #MW4; Acquired by PLA, 1995; Rebuilt as Niles Canyon (NCRY) open-observation #3380, ‘Park’, in 2003.  Rebuilt (new siding/refinished benches/new paint/lettering) Summer/Fall 2022.
In service, Brightside, CA

This is a 50′ / Steel car, fish belly style, 4 axle

U.S. Navy Property plate that is still on NCRY #3380 – C.R. Hauf photo – Used with permission
The Park Car sits in Niles with the first Train of Lights of the 2022 season. The work on the car had just been completed a few weeks before. 11.14.2022 C.R. Hauf photo – Used with permission.