Southern Pacific #10040

Technical Data

Builder Pullman
Date 1927
Class 77-D-6
Length 80′
Acquired 1997


Built new by Pullman  and delivered on March 7, 1927 for the Oregon & California Railroad (O&C an SP subsidiary). On November 8, 1928 the car was renumbered to  Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) #10040. Seating was reduced to 32 in April 1933. The car was modernized and seating restored to 36 in July 1937. Waukesha air conditioning was added in 1939 and the car was assigned to the “Sunset Limited”. In 1951 the car was used on “San Joaquin Daylight”.

In March of 1958 the car was retired as a diner. In July of 1958, the car was moved to maintenance -of-way service as Southern Pacific (SP) #MW7068.  PLA/NCRy acquired the car in 1997. The car has been fully restored inside and out with ongoing maintenance taking place all the time.   It received all new exterior paint in 2007 in the NCRy’s car shop (photo available below).   The car is operated for a variety of our special events on our railroad and can be configured as a diner or as a chair car.

A video from 2014 as the 10040 received its last rebuilt trucks and made it first steps in Brightside yard.
#10040 in new paint in our car shop in 2007.
The #10040 configured as a chair car for our 2015 Train of Lights.
SP #10040 setup in the diner configuration for one of our special trains.