Western Pacific #315

Technical Data

Builder Pullman
Date 1923
Class Lot 4716
Length 78′
Acquired 1974


This car was built new as Western Pacific Railroad (WP) #315 . In 1952 Western Pacific (WP) rebuilt the car as a maintenance of way car, #MW0910. Mr. Norman Holmes, private owner, Portola, CA, July 1973; Donated by Mr. Homes to the PLA, August 1974; Restored at Castro Point to service with a new cement floor and coach seats from both Southern Pacific and Santa Fe. 

There were 20 cars in this series. Two of these cars survive:  

  • W.P. 302 (air-conditioned, smoking compartment) is at WRM in Rio Vista Junction, CA.  Previously displayed at Harrison RR Park in Oakland, along with S.P. 2467.
  • W.P. 315 (never got air conditioning) at NCRy.

Six of the cars in the series had a smoking compartment; the other 14 were straight coaches like the 315

78′ / Steel, Round Roof Heavyweight / 66 tons

In service on the Niles Canyon Railway