Pickering Lumber #12

Technical Data

BuilderLima Locomotive & Machine Co.
DateOctober 1903
Type3-truck Shay
Cylinders14.5 x 12
Drivers35 inches
Boiler Pressure180 PSI
Gross Weight80 tons
Tractive Effort29,100lbs


  • Built new as Sierra Railway #12, Jamestown, CA
  • Standard Lumber Co. #12, Standard, CA, 1912
  • Pickering Lumber Co. #12, Standard, CA
  • Sold to Connell Bros. Trucking Co., private owner, Stockton, CA for potential resale to Cuba
  • Acquired by PLA May 1966
  • In service Castro Point Railway 1985
  • Participated in Expo 86, Vancouver, Canada
  • Stored serviceable in 1986, needs FRA 15-year inspection
  • Moved to Niles Canyon January 8, 2005
  • Stored, Brightside, CA.

Note: This is the oldest operable 3-truck Shay in the world and the fourth oldest Shay in existence.

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