Signal Department

The Signal Department is responsible for the restoration, installation, testing, and maintenance of grade crossing and train signals.

Restoration:  The NCRy has a variety of signals, some dating back to the early 1900s.  Before installation these signals must be disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and painted to insure their reliability and longevity.

Installation:  Signals are generally installed on a foundation with wires running in conduits to an enclosure that houses a control system.  We do all the installation work including designing and wiring the control system. 

Testing/Maintenance:  The State and Federal governments have specific tests that must be performed at regular intervals for all grade crossing and train signals.  The result of these tests are logged and provided to the government inspectors for review.  At least once a month we are out testing all of our signals.  We also have to perform periodic  maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating. 

No particular skill set is required.  We will teach you what you need to know based on what you’d like to do. 

We primarily work on Saturdays. 

Interested? You can learn even more on our Signal Department Website.