Ticket Agent

The Sunol Depot and the Niles/Fremont Station are two locations that greet passengers and give them a first impression of Niles Canyon Railway.  Passengers come to buy tickets to ride the train, and ask questions about departure times and events.

We sell tickets and give out the map brochure, schedules, and any flyers for our special events that are coming up.  We answer questions about our rides, trains, events, and give out dates.  In addition, we put out crowd control cones and chains as necessary so people stay a safe distance away from the tracks.

  • Ticket sales to the public.
  • Have knowledge of the cash register and credit card machine, or we can teach you these functions.
  • Date stamp the tickets.
  • Wear a smile and engage in conversations with the passengers.

We work on Sundays during regular train operations, as well as on special events such as our Train of Lights, Wine Tasting Specials, Beer on the Rails, evening train rides such as Hot August Night on the Rails and Harvest Moon Ride, school and summer train rides.