US Army #7348

Technical Data

Builder General Electric
Number 15163
Date February 1942
Type B-B-130
Wheel Arrangement B-B
Power Diesel-Electric
Gross Weight 65 tons
Tractive Effort 400


  • Built new as U.S. Army No. 7348, Oakland, CA
  • Renumbered US Navy No. 65-00600, Oakland, CA
  • Acquired by PLA, Circa 1994
  • In service (shopped), NCRy, Brightside, CA
#7348 switching in Brightside Yard on 2/13/2021. Photo by; Chris Hauf – Used with permission
#7348 shows off its center cab design which makes the engine ideal for switching since it has the same sight distance in either direction. 2/13/2021 Photo by: Chris Hauf – Used with permission
While primarily used around Brightside yard, #7348 occasionally heads out on the railroad for mainly railroad related work. Here it is in Sunol as water is being loaded into our McCloud fire car and one of our tank cars for use in the yard. 1/2/2021 Photo by: Chris Hauf – Used with permission