Life Before Niles Canyon… SP #1744

We have been fortunate to have many great historic images and information shared with us from a variety of different people, websites and organizations. We want to thank them for their generosity

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Pacific Northwest Rail Archive

We have been given access to this wonderful collection of early 1744 photos by the Pacific Northwest Rail Archives. Of most interest is the first photo which is the only one that has turned up so far of the locomotive in its original compound as-built form. In addition to the compound cylinders, note the acetylene genenerator on the running board in front of the cab and its mating headlight mounted on top of the smoke box. As usual, captions are included with each enlarged photo.

Images from other collections…

SP #1744 on the Knight’s Landing Branch excursion. May 4, 1958
Photographer unknown
Collection of Chistopher Hauf – Used with permission